Friday, December 11, 2009


If a picture says a thousand words then this video speaks volumes!

Note to self.....

Start a "no sugar" diet for the kids.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Turkey Hat

My 4yr. old wanted to make a turkey hat. So he cut out the pieces and I glued it together.

October Pictures

The pumpkin on the left is one my 6 yr. old daughter designed, the middle was designed by my 4yr. old son and the right was designed by my 8 yr. old son.

Super GirlCute little Strawberry


I was quizzing my son on his spelling test and he wanted to draw pictures for each word. Some of these are hilarious!!
Hole: (this is a picture of a guy throwing a rock into a deep hole which then causes the earth to shake terribly and trigger a volcano eruption.) .....who would have thought.

I love this one!!
"tip toe"

The glare makes it hard to see but this word is "dough". He drew picture of himself rolling cookie dough and humming a song.

Sailboat: I like the "land ho" in the word bubble.

Always Wear Clean Underwear!

Except not so many at once..... don't ask..... I just found him dressed that way.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

To the Zoo

We went to the Zoo last month. This is my favorite picture I took there. This photo is the perfect image to describe my oldest son. He feels safe in his shell for the most part...
a world all of his own.
Look closely and you'll see a nut in the middle of this picture.

My kids and my friends from india.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Homemade Piñata

My husband really wanted to make a homemade piñata with the kids. He's been talking about doing it for a long time. We ended up making it so thick it was as solid as a rock... LOL. Good times though.

I'll take that kind of work any day!

My husband went to Puerto Rico to give a science presentation. He said he had to do homework most of the time..... but what a view, what a view.
Next time he is taking me with him!!!

"I think we've got a live one here!"

My youngest is a live wire! She climbs everything and she has a grip of steel. Just watching her alone keeps me very busy!

Googly Eyes

She's my clown! M* found some googly eyes in my art box and surprised me with this! I had to take a picture!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Zucchini Baby?

My friend gave us a large zucchini from her garden and my little boy wanted to carve a face on it. So I carved a little face for him and he carried around for a couple of days pretending it was a baby.

Then we had to grate the zucchini up to make some bread. Having my son become attached to it made this task somewhat difficult if you could imagine.

Monday, November 9, 2009

3 Dishwashers in one house!!!

My dishwasher has been broken for a long time and we don't have the money to replace it so now I have 3 dishwashers! And they do a fantastic job. I think we end up with more water on the floor than in the sink though. We are trying to make jobs in the family a team effort and not just one person doing all the work. Sometimes it's more work for me than to just do it all myself and sometimes they fight... but for the most part they are learning to interact with each other and communicate as they work together.

Of course we have one more helper. She's just old enough to splash in the water though. She does a good job at just being cute.

Hop on the Bus!

My oldest has a great love for busses and trains. He pays strict attention to detail. I love these drawings he does.

Breakfast with the Guys

Me and my sisters-in-law were gone for a weekend to Time Out for Women Something we enjoy doing together every year!!

Well my son was upset that I was leaving and decided to plan a get together with all the guys. My brothers-in-law all had other plans but it was so cute to see this invitation my son made. He loves getting together with family!

Friday, November 6, 2009

One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure

Check out what my sister-in-law did with an old billboard sign! It makes a perfect water slide! The kids had a blast!!!!

Super Heros Wear Underwear

My son dresses up like a super hero every day. He makes his own costumes too. Check out the undies on the outside of his pants.... isn't that the way Superman does it?? Also sporting a pillow case cape and brandishing a weapon made of mega blocks!!

Funny Girl

A picture says a thousand words.....

Crazy People!

My little boy wanted to take pictures of each other.... here are the results.......Of course the pictures of him are cute.... the pictures of me are somewhat disturbing. Bunch of crazy people!!!

Birthday and Baptism

C* and his friend Robyn

C* turned 8 in August. He also chose to get baptized and had the privilage of being baptized on his birthday.

Me holding K*, M*, C*, Daddy and MJ

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Vacuum Lover

K* loves the vacuum! This video of her cracks me up!!

Never a Dull Moment

I don't know where this girl comes up with these faces??? She is so hilarious!!
M* at the lake shore on our summer vacation.

How I spent my summer vacation....

This summer we did go camping once. We live near some beautiful mountains and it's a shame to go a whole year without visiting them.
C* loved playing with my wrist rocket.

C*, M* and MJ roastin' some hot dogs.
"Why don't you go jump in a lake!" That's exactly what we did! It was a spontaneous decision, we didn't have the right clothes for it but we didn't care. I think this was the highlight of our vacation. I love spontaneity!!

ooooh Sexy!!