Monday, March 30, 2009

Best Friends

MJ loves to play with our neighbor, Yarro. They love each other so much! It's adorable.

M* loves to be a princess of course. This is her and one of her best friends Lamis.

One of C*'s best friends is Nathan, in his second grade class. C* says he likes Nathan because he is so goofy and funny... who is more goofy... I wonder?

C* wanted to dress up for his valentines party in his class. (I think he wanted to look nice for the girls.)

Making the Most of It

School for J* has kept him extremely busy. He's full time at the University and it kills him to be away from the kids so much. However he does try to give them as much time as possible on the weekends. He's really doing his best to be there for his kids. Sometimes it is so hard to find the right balance. I am so thankful it matters to him and that he does set aside time to be a Daddy.

Cute Baby!!

These are just a couple of cute pictures I took of K*. She is so much FUN!! She is such a happy little baby.

Here she is... just got a little taste of a soapy rubber ducky, yum, yum.

Jammin' with the band... I love those beefy legs!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

"Safety Dance" Video

So C* really, really loves "Safety Dance" by, Men Without Hats. And he wanted me to film him dancing to it. All the other kids wanted to join in the action too. ... check it out.

Ok so I had to delete the video because C* was too embarrassed by it. Now he wants a video of me dancing crazy to replace it... hmmm... we will have to see about that.

If you give your kid the camera...

M* wanted to take some pictures by herself... so I let her...

Here is a picture she took of her lovely hand.

She took a picture of some toys... fun, fun.

Nice little snapshot she got of C* holding K*.

Um... who's butt is that? How did she manage this one? See if I ever let her use the camera again... sheesh!

Science Daddy

J* has always loved Science! We both have. Our very first date we visited a planetarium just for fun... (of course that was after our very romantic concert of watching Swiss Yodelling) The Planetarium is still one of our favorite places to go for fun.

So my husband thought it would be fun to do a little science experiment with the kids...
Does it look like they are having fun....
How about in this picture.... ARE WE HAVING FUN YET???

Gotta love kids! Gotta love science!