Friday, May 29, 2009

Family Picture... almost

MJ drew this picture of the family. From left to right: C*(trying to walk with purple legs on him), Mommy, Daddy, MJ (he said he's wearing red superman underwear), M* (when she was a baby w/ a diaper on her.)

MJ just turned 4.

Epic Novelist

M* wrote this book and illustrated it all by herself. She has over 20 books like this that she has written. It's no surprise that her kindergarten class awarded her as the "Epic Novelist." I really wouldn't be surprised if she is someday!
Who do you know?

Swiggle, doogle dot
(this is what 'writer's block' looks like to a kindergartner)

The sun is hot, hot, hot. mmmm Try the carmel roasted!
(this is a picture of carmel in a river of lava)

I want to eat some of those blueberries.

Those look so yummy! (these are jelly beans)
Who made those? I think Star Song did. (Star Song is the name of her 'my little pony')

It's a dark, hot night. (she threw in a couple of stencils here.)

Look at that shooting star! Ouch! it burned me.

The End

Monday, May 18, 2009

Baby Superman

MJ (my 4 yr. old) is really into super heros. This is his play dough scuplture of "Baby Superman"... do you see the likeness? :)

M*'s Birthday

It was M*'s birthday last month and these are some fun pictures.

My friend Meher brought her daughters Lamis and Arub. She made the birthday cake, isn't that so nice!! I usually make my kids own cakes but Meher wanted to do it for me, how cool.

Meher made this card too. Lamis and Arub decorated the cookie. I think they did a fantastic job!

So loved!

My kids love their little sister!! She definitely has no shortage of attention. It's so fun to watch them develop strong bonds with each other.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Look out Jackie Chan!

My son C* was showing his Aunt some karate moves (just ones he made up, he's never taken a class). After a few swift kicks he takes a deep breath and stands confidently. Proudly he says,

"Yeah, I know a little karate, It's just one of those God-given-gifts He just decided to bless me with right now."