Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Swimming Lessons

C* and his instructor
M* is a fish. She is constantly playing in water... the bathroom sink, the kitchen sink, the garden hose, you name it.

MJ's first year in swimming lessons. He's the cute one in the middle.

Bus Ride

My oldest loves buses right now. He watches the bus that stops right outside our apt. every day. So this day we took a field trip on the bus. He had the time of his life. All he talks about is when our next bus ride will be.

Family Hike

These are just some pictures from a hike we went on as a family in June:

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Doughnut Run

My oldest son, C* saved up his money from doing three jobs and decided he wanted to buy daddy a doughnut with it... so this is the kids walking over to the neighborhood Bakery...His younger brother and sister wanted to go with C* to pick one out...C* wrote on the bag, "Happy Father's Day"... even though Father's day wasn't for one more week... he couldn't wait to get daddy a gift. Daddy was so happy to eat the yummy doughnut C* bought for him.


My 4 yr. old son loves toy cars. He made this out of construction paper and drew a road on it for his cars. He said, "it's a bridge I made for my cars mommy, see they can go over it and under it. I thought it was so cute!


My oldest son was playing with clip on earrings we have in a large dress up box... these are clip on I said!! I hope this isn't a foreshadowing of his teenage years eeeek!

I don't know why the lighting is so yellow in this picture but it really adds to the mood of this image don't ya think... cue the spooky music "oooo weeee ooooo"