Friday, December 11, 2009


If a picture says a thousand words then this video speaks volumes!

Note to self.....

Start a "no sugar" diet for the kids.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Turkey Hat

My 4yr. old wanted to make a turkey hat. So he cut out the pieces and I glued it together.

October Pictures

The pumpkin on the left is one my 6 yr. old daughter designed, the middle was designed by my 4yr. old son and the right was designed by my 8 yr. old son.

Super GirlCute little Strawberry


I was quizzing my son on his spelling test and he wanted to draw pictures for each word. Some of these are hilarious!!
Hole: (this is a picture of a guy throwing a rock into a deep hole which then causes the earth to shake terribly and trigger a volcano eruption.) .....who would have thought.

I love this one!!
"tip toe"

The glare makes it hard to see but this word is "dough". He drew picture of himself rolling cookie dough and humming a song.

Sailboat: I like the "land ho" in the word bubble.

Always Wear Clean Underwear!

Except not so many at once..... don't ask..... I just found him dressed that way.