Thursday, April 8, 2010

Speed Skating with Cougars??

During the Olympics this year my 8yr. old son really got into the speed skating. He is also into big cats. So why not combine the two? He drew this picture of speed skaters and some heroic cougars that rescue a fallen olympian. The owner of the cougars is cheering in the stands.
He explains the drawing to me....
"see the different speed skaters ..."
"This guy in front was trying to cheat... he's the one who tripped the skater that fell... see he has a mean look on his face."

"See the cougars helping the guy who was tripped... I promise mommy, the cats are not eating the olympian they are helping him back up."
"... this is the guy who owns the cougars... he's cheering them on."

Paper People

My 6 yr. old and 4yr. old made this little paper person all by themselves. They played all day with it like it was a brand new toy. Who needs money to have fun??

Garbage Man's Biggest Fans

What could be more exciting than Christmas morning???...... watching THE GARBAGE MAN of course!!! Every Thurs. morning the garbage man drives into the apt. complex to empty our dumpster. As soon as the children hear him coming they leap out of bed and run to our living room window to watch eagerly. What could be more exciting than watching the garbage man!?

Is it any wonder...

... she melts my heart. This little girl is so full of joy, and purity.
She wanted to try on her brother's glasses here... too cute!!

I love my little baby!