Wednesday, September 15, 2010

June Highlights

For choir this past June the kids did a performace called, "Annie Meets Newsies". It was my kids first real performance in anything and they did a fantastic job!!!

This next picture is of my sister holding her little boy and my little girl.

This my dad with my youngest daughter. He let her try on his glasses.

These were some fun action shots I took of my oldest boy.

Cornstarch and water.... soooo fun... and sooo messy!

My littlest one is already finding out how much fun it is to dress up!

Pictures From April and May

These are just some of my favorite pictures from the months of April and May this year.....
My daughter is so creative, she loves to make paper dolls and accessories. She could play for ours with just paper, scissors and marker

My son was pretending this was an airplane. I would push him around on his "airplane" and he would flap the wings like a bird and giggle adorably. So fun!

Just turned around the corner and found her like this.... these are the adventures I have with a two yr. old :)

When my girls hear music playing, they have an irresistable urge to dress up and dance!
...and this one often has an irresistable urge to make crazy faces :0

I love this picture for some reason... I guess it portrays her personality so well.
Of course we had birthdays to celebrate this summer.

I just love my son's face in this picture. He is so animated. There is truly never a dull moment.

And who can resist a face like this????

.....maybe this face will intimidate you?

Again... I turned around and found her like this.