Sunday, November 6, 2011

Football Season

My oldest is really into football this season. I found some cheap tickets for him and my husband on the classifieds. So cheap... and as you can see it was the furthest row back. But he didn't care, he was just glad to be at the game! That's my boy!

After all these Friday night games of course, the boys want to practice their tackling skills.... My younger son decided to make a "helmet" out of a milk jug. It kept falling off ... just like the BYU player's helmets XD

Monday, September 26, 2011

Boy Meets Girl

My 8yr. old daughter made a series of drawings about a boy who sees a girl from afar working on her laptop. He is smitten by her and moves in closer. The girl is annoyed and obviously not interested.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Show and Tell

My oldest got to show off his new pet today at school. It made his day! Oh ya... and he named his corn snake Burrow, because he likes to burrow of course.

Pet Snake!

My oldest has been saving all his money to buy a pet corn snake. He was so excited the day we set out to purchase his long anticipated pet. The entire morning he sat outside playing with a toy snake to pass the time faster.
$25 handed over and the snake was his!!!
We had the terrarium waiting in the truck of our car for the 45 min. drive home. C* was bubbling over with excitement! I'm proud of him! All his hard work has paid off. Great job buddy!

Friends, Family and Fun!

We've been camping, been to the park and also to the beach! (Well a pretend beach that is...)

Friday, August 26, 2011

First day of school.... two out of three are happy.

After home schooling for these past two years, I've finally decided to do a little something of a mix between home school and public school. My kids are doing a charter school that has a multiple age program, smaller classrooms, elective days and one day off a week for home school. I think this will be a better mix for me.

Although, from the pictures you can see that my oldest wasn't happy about his first day but the younger two were thrilled!

Family and the Great Outdoors

I LOVE the mountains!
After a nice little picnic together, my husband took the kids for a walk along a trail and let me stay behind near the river. It was so nice to just breathe in the crisp air, listen to the rushing water and silence all around...It was wonderful!

Summer Fun

I just love these pictures! My little 3yr. old is so cute in her bathing suit!

Favorite Things

Old duck feathers, empty egg shells, Styrofoam plates, paint and strings....
these are a few of his favorite things.

My 2nd boy loves to make stuff out of whatever he can find.
He does it all on his own without any help from me. He's so innovative. I love it!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Show me the loot!

On the 30th of July, my husband came back from his 8week internship in DC. Of course the kids were very happy to see he brought them all gifts from his ventures.

Daddy also came back just in time to celebrate my oldest boy's birthday. Can you guess what he wanted his party theme to be?