Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Little Viking

My 5yr. old loves to dress up with whatever he can get his hands on. Here he said he is pretending to be a viking.

Family Vacation

One of our highlights this last year was our trip to Yellowstone.

Of course, the most difficult thing about our vacation to Yellowstone was TONS OF DRIVING!!

I think it DROVE us a little CRAZY....

But we really had a wonderful time and we will treasure the memories.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bread for Sale!

My 5yr. old wanted to sit on the corner and sell crumbs of bread, I knew that it wasn't the ideal marketable item but who am I to dash his dreams? I let him make a sign and package the bread crumbs into baggies. He sat on the corner waiting so patiently...
...believe it or not, he did make a sale! Yep. I was his first and only customer.
Honestly, how could anyone resist a face like this? Sure he'd be happy to sell you bread but this boy is PRICELESS!

I took him inside and gave him some ice cream for all his hard work :)

Wild West

It's always wild at my house!... Yes she's holding a gun but I don't think this girl could ever look threatening.

Batman Does!

According to my 5yr. old, it is perfectly normal to wear his briefs on the outside of his pants... after all... batman does!