Sunday, February 27, 2011

Look at me boys!

Thank goodness daddy is easy going enough.... it might be a while before my daughter learns how to really get attention from boys.... she's too young anyway... but do you think she will ever master the art of flirting?.... was I that way???.... never mind.

Little Mommy

I just love this picture! She is so priceless! The doll cost me $9.99 but SHE is priceless!

Backyard Safari

My oldest son got a matching "Backyard Safari" vest so he and his good friend could go on "adventures" together. Perfect gift for a boy!
Not sure about the shorts with winter boots... but? I guess that's also a boy for ya! ;)

Security Cameras

My oldest son was really into security cameras a couple of months ago.... And for a while there he had them mounted all over our house... man! we were under some serious surveillance!

First thing in the morning...

My 5 yr. old pinned these up on my wall next to my bed so I could constantly admire is artistic ability.
You see in the cross section of the house the different levels:

Level 1: (left) someone watching T.V. flipping stations with the remote
(right) one kid is getting ready to raid the fridge!

Level 2: (left) couple kids doing karate practice
(right) someone folding clothes... most likely the mom because I don't think kids can process how to fold clothes.... or at least I have been successful in teaching mine.

Level 3: (left) someone really short trying to reach the bathroom sink to wash their hands...
(center) some sort of ladder in the middle of the house... hey, why do we even have stairs when ladders are so much more fun right? I just want a house with a slide!
(right) I think this is a picture of someone sitting on something... I'm not sure if that's related to the bathroom sink over to the left and that's actually a toilet? If that's the case... it's an awkward place for a ladder... don't you think? I mean, I like a little more privacy than that.

Level 4: (or the attic)... the funnest thing in the world to do is jump on the bed! and what a better place for it than in the highest room of the house!

My son also pinned up an alarm clock for me next to his drawing of the lovely house. This is to help me wake up in the morning.... It's perfect because that is my kind of alarm clock ... one that doesn't make a sound :D

What are boys made of ?...

I never believed that old poem, "What are Little Boys Made of"... you know the one that says, "snakes and snails and puppy dog tails"... But now after I've had a couple of boys of my own... I think there might actually be some truth to that old poem.
And NO, this was not taken anywhere near Halloween!

Is this just what boys do?

Should I be disturbed that I found my son playing so tortuingly with his toys or his this just part of being a boy?

So Refined!

I thought putting my 3 older kids in a children's choir would help to make them more refined and dignified... hmmm I guess old habits are hard to break. :P

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Our little family....

This picture was taken a couple months after our 11th anniversary.
Fall of 2010
1+1=6 right?... that's what happened with us anyway. :)

Child #1

Child #2

Child #3

Child #4


My oldest loves being a scout. This is him with one of his best friends. They get along great together. I'm very pleased because his friend comes from a wonderful family and is a really good kid.

No Fear

Have I ever mentioned that my 7yr. old loves spiders? She prefers bugs, dirt, mud, spiders and all things creepy.

Steady Now!

My 7yr old is a natural at composure and balance. She literally can climb the walls of our house with little effort. These are a few pics I took of M* playing with daddy before bedtime.

Edward Scissor-hands

We call our 5yr. old "Edward Scissor-hands." His FAVORITE thing to do is make and cut with scissors. He made "gallows" out of paper and wanted me to take a picture of him .

This is a monster he made.


We had a trunk-or-treat at our church where the kids dressed up and got candy as they went door to door in a little cardboard village made by the Elder's Quorum.
Child #1 was dressed up as a newsboy.

Child #2 was dressed as a mummy.

#3 wanted to be a ghost.

...and #4 of course wanted to be a princess.

Fun pumkin carving.

Fly me to the moon!

My husband celebrated his birthday last fall. This was the cake I made for him since he is studying Astrophysics.

Serious Reading!

My 2yr. old fell asleep reading her favorite picture book.

zoo pics