Tuesday, March 29, 2011

9yr. old humor...

I thought this was clever. My son made up this joke... or at least he said he made it up. It does sound like something off the wrapper of a laffy-taffy but I wouldn't put it past him to make up a joke like this. Either way, it was cute to see how much fun he had telling it. "Why did the blue butter punch the red butter?"......

......"Because he unsalted him."

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


My oldest boy really, really, really, really likes snakes. He could tell you anything and everything there is to know about snakes, REALLY! I have no idea what got him so interested in them? He checks out 6 different books about snakes every week from the library and reads them all cover to cover.

His favorite snake is the green anaconda (the largest of the boa constrictors.) He saved his own money to buy this 72 inch stuffed anaconda... His dream is that someday he will own a real anaconda for a pet. HA! Over my dead body!... or over his. Maybe I'm speaking literally... ever seen that show, "Fatal Attractions" on Animal Planet?..... moving along....

One day he set up this tennis ball to be attacked and eaten by a slithering rubber snake and caught it all on camera! Amazing footage!

He likes to include his "pets" in everything. He makes sure to bring them out each morning and carefully prop them up at the edge of the hallway. He wants to make sure they have a good seat so they can "watch" us having our family prayer and scripture study each day.

We went to a reptile show for a family night and he got to hold the skin of a snake. Anxiously he shouted out to the instructor, "This looks like a python of some sort... is it a python, maybe a Burmese Python?" The instructor said he was close... it was an African Rock Python.

The best part of the reptile show was touching a real live snake! Yippeee!
I don't remember what kind this was but he could tell ya I'm sure.

... well I was right... I asked him if he remembered the name of this snake

and he said, "it's a rosy boa".

What can you do with a box?

My husband likes to spend one-on-one time with the kids doing whatever they want... within reason of course :)

When it came time for my 5yr. old boy to spend time with daddy, he requested they make a rocket together. Well that might seem like a tall order for some but not when you've got a really creative dad! My husband went to work using a box cutter, a straight edge, an old diaper box and of course... a hot glue gun. My little boy used his awesome painting skills and finished it off with some dazzling red and green to make it "a rocket for Santa to ride in."

Isn't it great!!! I'm impressed!