Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pringles Periscope

My 5yr. old son had poked a hole in the bottom of a pringles can and asked what we could make out of it. I had the idea to make him a periscope.... so I broke off the mirrors from a couple of my makeup compacts, used a little hot glue and electrical tape and viola!! A periscope!! He loved it!

4 Teeth for the Tooth Fairy

My 7yr. old girl just turned 8 a few days ago. And for her birthday she's getting Orthodontics.

I know... I didn't think they could start that young either! But she has some teeth growing in pretty crazy and needs Ortho so she doesn't have "shark mouth" (I mean 4 rows of teeth). Yep her permanent teeth are growing behind her baby teeth. She had four extractions of baby teeth the other day. She was as brave as a soldier! She didn't cry or complain with any of the shots and was perfectly still. The dentist was so impressed that he said she could take as many prizes out of the treasure chest that she wanted. That's my girl!

P.S. This is my girl "serving tea" to her frog, Naveen. She's had this orange frog for a year and she's played with it every day. It's been buried in mud, hung from it's toes, stretched, torn, taken on family outings, splashed in the bath and almost turned inside out. From all her play, the frog had become so gross that I couldn't stand picking it up when she left in on the floor.

So for her birthday we said goodbye to Naveen and.... we got her a new rubber frog. It's the same as her old one except green.

Bear Scout

Give a big shout out to my oldest! He got his Bear Badge in Scouts!

He loves being a part of the scouting program...

He also loves trains.

He asked me to make him one out of some old Capri Sun boxes.

So I did... and he painted it the colors of Union Pacific.

Kindred Spirits

My two youngest children are 3yrs apart but closer in spirit than mother and child.

They are the best of friends...

they comfort each other during times of need...

... and just love being together,

Dream Girl

My little 2yr. old loves to dress up so much that she didn't want to take her wings off when she went to bed. Why is it when I look at this picture, it seems to capture the very essence of her personality?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

3 Little Bakers or Little Mess Makers?

As I was taking care of a few things on the computer, I could hear some chattering along with the clanging of dishes in the kitchen. I could hear my kids speaking in fake English accents and the sound of water running in the sink. I peeked around the corner and asked what they were up to. "We're chefs!", they replied. "Oh how wonderful" I said sarcastically, as I felt the crunch of spilled dry cereal underneath my feet. I lifted up my shoe to brush it off and couldn't help notice the evidence everywhere of their "chefness". Several bowls of water were sloshed on the table swirlled with salt, pepper, paprika, cinnamon, sugar and rice crispies. "Yum!" I said. "Looks like you guys have been busy. How long do you guys plan on being 'chefs' this morning?"

It's so hard to say goodbye...

My little 2 year old loves daddy so much. She hates to see him leave for school. She waves goodbye, blows kisses and signs I love you. How is that for a heart breaker?

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Wild Ride

My five year old boy drew this picture of a wild roller coaster ride. I love the hands in the air! I love to keep the pictures my kids draw and maybe I'm a little excessive. But they don't stay children for long and I figure I'd rather have too many memories of their childhood than not enough.