Thursday, July 14, 2011


"Hey mommy look! I'm a minion from Despicable Me."

Monday, July 11, 2011

They say it's your birthday!

My youngest had a birthday. She had fun making cupcakes with me....
She had fun with grandma and grandpa visiting....
She had fun blowing out her candles....
and opening presents....
But the most fun of all was getting kisses from daddy over skype!
Daddy comes home from his internship in less than 3 weeks WOOO HOOO! He's been gone for 5 and a half weeks. We can't wait to see him again!!

Thank you Dave and Sariah for letting me borrow your Skype. I love you guys!

Scales and Tails Show

Here... my kids got to pet a bunny. You can't see it because it's INSIDE the SNAKE!!!
This is a 16ft long Python from Southeast Asia.
Of course, my oldest boy was in absolute HEAVEN! To say he loves snakes is an understatement. He's obsessed with them!!

Even my daughter joined in on the fun!

Next thing on my list to do is buy a snake. At least that's what my son keeps telling me.


It's a tradition that every year around the 4th of July we camp out in a tent out on the lawn. This year I went as far as bringing out an extension cord so I could cook fresh pancakes for the kids when they woke up. They loved it!

We also have a tradition of watching the hot air balloon race. We have to get up pretty early because the balloons take off at sunrise.

They really liked this Darth Vader balloon!

Hey look my son caught a coke bottle balloon! "There's nothin' like the real thing."

Who needs Guitar Hero or Rock Band???

Well you've seen the proof here. You don't need video games to entertain your kids.
I found out all you need is some cardboard and a DVD that circles it's theme song on the menu page. At least that's all my kids needed to feel like real rock stars.

And... Yes... my son is wearing his long underwear on purpose. He calls it his "rock star clothing." hmmm not sure where he got that idea but I guess his get-up could be worse considering the "clothing" I've seen in the real world.

Train Ride

I took a train ride with my parents, my kids and my niece. Man that was one, old, run down train! It broke down along the way and I wasn't sure if we'd be walking back to our cars. But hey, the kids sure loved the extra loooong ride. They were ready to jump back on after our little 3 hr trip. Crazy kids!

OH my goodness would you look at that face!!! SOOO SWEET! This girl has me wrapped around her finger with this look. She does it all the time! Dang her cuteness!

Yep... Nothin' on but a tu tu... and some shoes.

My youngest one is going through that stage where they like to undress themselves and run around stark naked! At least here she found the decency to cover herself up a little bit. :)