Monday, September 26, 2011

Boy Meets Girl

My 8yr. old daughter made a series of drawings about a boy who sees a girl from afar working on her laptop. He is smitten by her and moves in closer. The girl is annoyed and obviously not interested.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Show and Tell

My oldest got to show off his new pet today at school. It made his day! Oh ya... and he named his corn snake Burrow, because he likes to burrow of course.

Pet Snake!

My oldest has been saving all his money to buy a pet corn snake. He was so excited the day we set out to purchase his long anticipated pet. The entire morning he sat outside playing with a toy snake to pass the time faster.
$25 handed over and the snake was his!!!
We had the terrarium waiting in the truck of our car for the 45 min. drive home. C* was bubbling over with excitement! I'm proud of him! All his hard work has paid off. Great job buddy!

Friends, Family and Fun!

We've been camping, been to the park and also to the beach! (Well a pretend beach that is...)