Sunday, August 12, 2012

On the Lookout

During this summer my husband has had the opportunity of working at 
BYU's West Mountain Astronomy Observatory.  

Along with watching out for stars and exoplanetary systems up there... you also want to keep a close watch out for rattlesnakes.  My husband says there are tons of them up there, maybe more this year because of the drought and heat.  He brought home these rattles as souvenirs for our kids.  Pretty awesome!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Take a Hike!

My husband came home from school after I had had a very difficult, long day with the kids.  I was standing at the sink, wiping down a few dishes and doing all I could to hold myself together.  I felt at any moment I would burst into tears.  My sweet husband noticed my exhaustion and swooped up all the kids from me. He told me to relax, to take a nap or go shopping.  He said, " I've got everything covered.  You just do whatever you want while I take them hiking to the Y." I gratefully hugged him and kissed him.

You know what I did for relaxation while they were gone?
 I cleaned!  I cleaned the whole house until it sparkled!  You might not think so but I thought it was such a wonderful break!  I just sat back and enjoyed my sparkly house.  About a half hour after the kids arrived home, it was messy again..... *sigh* such is life.  Oh well... It was nice while it lasted. 

Summer Birthdays

My youngest boy turned 7!  He wanted a superhero theme.

My youngest girl turned 4! She loves anything pink.

I just had my birthday too and one of my dear friends, Suzanne, had my husband and I over for a nice Brazilian dinner.  She also made me this fun candy gram.  What a cutie!  I just love Suzanne!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Best Bouquet of Flowers EVER!

Check out this awesome bouquet of origami flowers my husband made me for Mother's Day!

And guess what the stem is made out of?... new oil paint brushes for my art.
I think what has impressed me most about this is the time and thoughtfulness he put into it... especially with his tight schedule.  Who has the most adorable husband in the world?  I DO!!

Egg and an Ant

My oldest daughter made a humpty dumpty egg.  I love the band aide.. nice touch!

 In school she has been learning about ants .  She's always loved bugs and can spend hours studying them.  When she got home from school she made this ant farm out of sculpey.  

What do you see?

My oldest son loves... no wait not loves... obsesses over football!  We gave him some magnet toys to give him  variety to his free time.  Can you see the shape he made?


We've had a couple of birthdays recently.   I can't do all the crazy fancy stuff some moms do for birthdays but I can throw in a few thematic things just for fun.

My daughter wanted a beach theme and my son wanted a super hero theme. Here's some pictures from their parties:


Taste a Rainbow

My kids love making these and they are super easy!  We always like to make them for St. Patrick's Day but they are great for any occasion. Taste a Rainbow Cupcake Recipe 

Monday, April 16, 2012


My parents came to visit just a few days ago. I love my parents more now than I think I ever did before... I guess that's what happens when you grow up and experience having children of your own.
Mom and Dad you are wonderful!
I love you for putting up with me all those years and still loving me!

My Gorgeous Kids

I'm pretty sure most every mother is biased towards how beautiful her own children are.... but I'm also pretty sure that my children are BEAUTIFUL and that's NOT just because I'm biased.

Confession... you probably already knew.

We're all crazy!!! .... It must be generational!