Thursday, January 19, 2012


My youngest son's new favorite thing is Sculpey. He's showing me his snowplow he made. This stuff keeps him busy for hours. Plus it's very affordable. Love it!


This is a snowman my kids built all by themselves. I love what they did with his hair!

A Little Song and Dance

A couple of years ago I tried putting my 3 oldest children in choir. I soon discovered that the boys were not interested at all. My daughter loved it though. This year my daughter is in dance and choir. She doesn't perform for us at home much but I often hear her singing in the shower.

Goofy Girl

My 3yr old fell asleep with these safety goggles on. I don't know where she got them or why she was wearing them? I had to get a picture though.

I'm not sure if she put herself in the basket or if she was stuffed in there by her older siblings? Either way she looks happy enough.

Cute and Cuddly

Burrow (that's what my son named his snake) is now six months old. He has a few more feet to grow before he's fully grown. He'll stay skinny and won't ever be as thick as a ball python but he'll get to about 5ft long. I must admit that corn snakes make very great pets! We only have to feed him once a week, he hardly ever poops and he is very, very tame.

Hello Texas

After Christmas I was able to go visit my brother who lives in Texas. It's been forever since I've seen him and it was so refreshing to spend some time with him. Man I love him! He is such a good guy! It was so nice to meet my sister-in-law and my three month old niece. I'm so glad my brother has these two beautiful girls in his life.

Don't tell my husband.... but I've been secretly praying that we some day move to Texas so I can be closer to my brother.

Sunday, January 8, 2012