Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Snow to Go

We haven't had much snow on the valley floor this year so I took the kids up into the canyons to one of our sledding spots. We'll have to spend more Saturdays like this, it was so much fun!



I just love that my kids found it easier to write a note of warning rather than pick up the dangerous object that fell on the floor.

Thursday, March 8, 2012


My 3 year old likes to have Minnie watch her as she eats her cereal.

Daddy Loves His Girls

Bless my husband's heart, school has taken quite a toll on him this semester. On Valentines Day we hardly got to see each other. But, I must give him credit because even though his schedule was jammed packed that day he still made sure he kept the tradition of giving a single rose to each of his girls (including me.) It made our day!
That evening, I made my traditional chocolate covered strawberries and heart shaped sugar cookies for him. I ran up to campus while he was taking a test, snuck the treats into his study room and heart attacked the door.

Beautiful Girl

I just love this picture of my 8yr old daughter. I can't believe she's almost 9! Man where does the time go?

"The Mitten"

My kids did a play with their school class based off a book called, "The Mitten" by, Jan Brett It was such a simple little play but it was so fun to watch.