Sunday, July 29, 2012

Take a Hike!

My husband came home from school after I had had a very difficult, long day with the kids.  I was standing at the sink, wiping down a few dishes and doing all I could to hold myself together.  I felt at any moment I would burst into tears.  My sweet husband noticed my exhaustion and swooped up all the kids from me. He told me to relax, to take a nap or go shopping.  He said, " I've got everything covered.  You just do whatever you want while I take them hiking to the Y." I gratefully hugged him and kissed him.

You know what I did for relaxation while they were gone?
 I cleaned!  I cleaned the whole house until it sparkled!  You might not think so but I thought it was such a wonderful break!  I just sat back and enjoyed my sparkly house.  About a half hour after the kids arrived home, it was messy again..... *sigh* such is life.  Oh well... It was nice while it lasted. 

Summer Birthdays

My youngest boy turned 7!  He wanted a superhero theme.

My youngest girl turned 4! She loves anything pink.

I just had my birthday too and one of my dear friends, Suzanne, had my husband and I over for a nice Brazilian dinner.  She also made me this fun candy gram.  What a cutie!  I just love Suzanne!