Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Nativity 2013

Our friends down the street from us have a really amazing live nativity tradition, where everyone is dressed up, there's live animals, Hebrew games for the kids to play, food to eat, singing, and the whole works.  I've never seen anything quite like it.  It was so fun to experience!

What the Duck?

We love to feed the ducks up on campus.  This time when we went we got more than we bargained for.  We were swarmed!!  It was like something straight out of an Alfred Hitchcock movie.

Ginger Bread Houses w/ the Nimers 2013

Uncle Jason Came to Visit

Uncle J. and Aunt Jenn made a surprise visit.  
Guess who the kids were the most excited to see?

Off to Mexico

Grandma and Grandpa sold their home and left on a mission to Mexico.
We had a small get-together after they were set apart as missionaries.

Micah 2013

Micah loves to sculpt things out of clay.

 Micah also loves Legos...
Kaylee really wanted a princess to play with so Micah made her this in a manner of seconds.
She was thrilled with excitement!
Micah loves Santa and made these awesome ornaments for our tree.

Sometimes the kitchen is the kids favorite place to play.
(Micah pretending to be a bartender)

Halloween Pics 2013

Dry Ice Bubble, super fun to make.  The best part is when they POP!

These two bottom pics really weren't from Halloween.  I was just throwing away and old sheet and Micah wanted to have some fun with it first.  Why not?!

Science Rules 2013

 BYU's science building is one of our favorite places to hang out, especially when they give cool presentations and we have our best friends to join us.

Random people on the right totally photo-bombing our picture.
But do we look like we mind?  Nah. Come on in!