Friday, January 22, 2016

Diamond Fork Hot Springs

 Hanging with our friends, the Nimers.
April 2014

Friday, January 1, 2016

AstroFest 2014

Astrofest is something we've been going to every year since 2009 when dad was completing his first year of Physics at BYU.  The kids love making and launching rockets, rock climbing, checking out the observatory, watching science experiments, and jumping in the bounce houses.

Reach for the "Star"

Chandler earned his star in scouts!!! Yay!!  

Blind Easter Egg Hunt

We met Patty when we would volunteer at the Provo Rehab Center.  She invited us to join her in Salt Lake for a blind Easter Egg Hunt.  The eggs have a beeper that switches on and off.  When the kids found an egg, they'd turn it in to one of the helpers and receive some candy for it. 
 It was a fun unique experience for the kids.